Monday, 12 January 2009

Look out World

So this is a blog? Hmm, if so, I guess I should try and be creative, eloquent and entertaining. But it's 1:15am, so will save that for when I've something more to be c, e and e about.

This blog is for my 6 months of travels, starting on 24th February. Not sure exactly what the purpose of it is, really, but will do my best to keep people tuning in while trying not to be smug, preachy, obvious or banal. Let me know if I fall short.


  1. Stuart, I am very envious of you trip. A time to let your soul breath I think rather than constrain it with such earthy things as plans. Very best of luck.

    As a fellow blogger, having set up a blog for our "Mackenzies' do Europe" blog,, our blog is now an historical archive and proved to be a rather lonely occupation. Were we really missed so little!!

    I understand and empathize with what you are doing and will try to to make a contribution and ensure that you are not left wondering why no one is contributing and does anyone really car!!


    Melvillemac (AKA David)

  2. Thanks David, just had a read of yours. Glad to see you've still got the edge on the kids at tennis, I remember helping you introduce them to the game during my big cycle a few years back. And the sections on Venice/Milan/Verona brought back some inter-railing memories of my own, though was never reduced to sleeping on station steps. And no plans to start now!