Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Go Mongrels!

You probably know from the Sports headlines (what do you mean it wasn't reported?) that the Mongrels (Dave and Nicki from Christchurch; Dawn from Horsham, England; Sarah from Eastern Germany and me) stormed to victory in the institution (well, apparently the Lonely Planet Guide mentions it) that is the Stewart Island Sunday quiz. A strong female contingent was crucial in the 'identify the brand of chocolate bar' round, your truly was most use for the 'Name every English king between 1216 and 1553' question, I knew that Weetabix wallchart that lived on my bedroom wall in the late 70s would earn its corn someday.

Apart from this high intensity sporting occasion, it's been a quiet few days. Stewart Island has the usual share of long-distance bush-tracks, but after Milford I was happy to settle for the more local variety of walks and cycles, both around the main town Oban (where I drank Oban single malt to fit in), and on the rat and stoat free (a very big deal here - the local birdlife can't fight for toffee so gets massacred when either of these make landfall) island of Ulva. As with everywhere else in the South Island, everything non-Maori is named after a Scots man or place.

Back on the farm in Invercargill now, still in awe at the quality of food and hospitality laid on by Sheena for the 10 people in the house at present. Plus she did the 5am milking this morning. Also having a laugh at Soren's primary school class photos, what an embarrassment some of those hairstyles are, think the reason my class couldn't beat them at football must be because we were laughing so much.

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