Tuesday, 17 March 2009

15 minutes of fame

The travel and the sights are why I'm here, but it's the people that really make the trip enjoyable. Though I'm feeling an underachiever compared to some. Recent travelling companions in Tassie have included 6ft 9 John, who as starting Centre led his University in Montana to its best ever performance in the National College Basketball finals and was set to sign a professional contract before the dreaded cruciate ligament popped. Sadly it hasn't healed sufficiently for him to resume playing, and he would admit that he hasn't yet found a career to replace it, though he's enjoying the travelling while he awaits inspiration. There's also Yasuko, who 25 years ago was playing drums in an all girl band for 4 figure Japanese crowds, and Carolin, who has won professional cycling roadraces in Germany, and entertains the punters in Aussie hostels with her Pete Townsend impressions. I need something to compare - Borders Chess Champion 1994 doesn't quite stack up. Pictures show J&Y with Nick from Switzerland in front of one of the giant trees in the the Mount Field National Park, and Carolin at Coles Bay Hostel in typical pose.

These three fellow travellers were my companions for the trek to Wineglass Bay, voted one of the 10 best beaches in the world, apparently. Heavy rain for the 1st half hour, but sunshine after that to reward those who persevered. Other recent highlights have been Russell Falls at Mount Field National Park, and the Bay of Fires, where I managed my first ocean dip of the trip. Very cold, but one of these "I will if you will" situations where by the time you've discovered just how cold you're all in your cossies and its too late to back out!

No photos again today, alas, the St Helens, Tasmania library computer doesn't want to download them onto blogs, though it's happy to do so for emails.

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