Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Footsteps of Doom

I had a tentative theory before I left that my arrival would spell trouble for any places I visited. Based on the bad news that hit Bombay and Melbourne shortly after I booked to visit them. And Melbourne has been shaken up since my arrival - earthquake measuring 4+ on the richter scale the day after I arrived, which we felt, though it didn't rock our worlds. It was well timed, as we were at one of Colin's friends watching The Ace in the Hole, which is about a cave in at a mine.

So not exactly doom, unless of course it's part of the build up to THE BIG ONE.

Off on a 3 day tour ( tomorrow. Flight to Tasmania the day after I get back, and back to Melbourne about a week later - haven't booked return journey yet. Hope to see some Australian footie on my return, the regular season starts this month. In the meantime, attached photo shows it's popular at local level too.

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