Thursday, 19 March 2009


You shouldn't use crude national stereotypes to judge your fellow travellers, but here I go anyway. It's true that the the Germans have far bigger packs than anyone else, it's true that the East Asians take by far the most photos (I saw one at the hostel this morning photographing his breakfast cereal). And it's true that the Israelis look like Jesus - well, the only one I've met did. And the French smell.

In Deloraine, Tasmania, today. It's also a stereotype that Tasmania is about 50 years behind the times, which maybe why political correctness hasn't arrived in the gift shops yet, see photo.


  1. Did you buy one? Or did you stick to the Scots stereotype and keep your wallet stashed firmly in your pocket!!!!!!!! Just catching up on a few of your adventures - and really enjoying it. In typical fashion I've started with the latest post and am working my way back through.

  2. Not much room in my pack for souvenirs, alas. Especially these ones. But otherwise trying not to live up to that stereotype!