Sunday, 22 February 2009

I'll be back...

Why am I leaving again? I've had a great time in Glasgow the last few weeks. Farewell lunches, dinners, and drinks, lots of "I can't believe I won't see you again for 6 months" to people I probably only see once every 6 months as it is! It's been mad but very enjoyable. I've tried to maintain something approaching professionalism in the office, but am assured I've been alarmingly demob happy since xmas.

Friday was the big blowout with colleagues. The attached is how they think I should be dressed for my travels - all the tat you bought is on show guys! And you'll be seeing some of it again in later photos. Was a memorable night, and not just for me - one individual laid eyes on an old flame he'd not seen for 20 years. And some other stuff not for printing in a family blog, though hopefully everyone concerned will be able to laugh about it next week!

Packing nearly complete, some of it generously provided by friends and family. Many thanks to colleagues for what's in the photo, to Mum for my daypack, Mike and family for the travel towel and the dinky wee torch, Jo for the travel chess set, George for John O'Farrell's Impartial History of Britain, and Ronnie for the Xenophobe's Guide to Australia which should be a big help in making enemies when I get there. And Rita for the cap which identifies me as a member of the Scottish team from the 2002 Commonwealth games. Suggestions for what sport I should pretend to have participated in gratefully received.

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