Thursday, 26 February 2009

Vulture and his culture

Last day in UK for a bit, though at the British Museum yesterday I had to remind myself that I hadn't left yet. Few of my fellow culture vultures sounded or spoke English. Which may mean the Pound's weakness is bringing in the visitors, good news for the UK economy, if not for me. Babylon exhibition at BM impressive but crammed into too small a space, Darwin exhibition at Natural History Museum better. Thanks to Catherine Briggs for company at the latter and subsequent drinks (IOU one fish supper...), and to the Teddington Mackenzies for all their hospitality the last couple of nights.


  1. Or maybe that's too 'blokeish' to contemplate...altho in this day and age, come on, stuartie...

  2. Sweetpea - you gotta sort this blog-thingy. I have posted other comments but they aint registered. xx